Can I Get a Tourist Visa While Waiting On My NOA2?
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The immigration process is frustrating, and as of 2018, taking even longer than ever. Understandably, couples want to see each other before their visa is approved. So we often get asked the question "Will I get approved for a tourist visa if I'm waiting on my fiance or spousal visa to get approved?" The unfortunate answer [...]

Immigrant vs. Non-Immigrant "Intent" (U.S. Visas)
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What's the difference between immigrant and non-immigrant "intent"? The type of visa is determined by the purpose of the travel to the United States. Immigrant Visa An immigrant visa is for someone that intends to immigrate to the US or permanently live in the United States. Most immigrant visas have a path to citizenship after a number [...]

What is "Administrative Processing"? (Visa Applications)
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For various reasons, some of which you may never really find out, your case, you may get an update from the State Department that tells you your case is in "Administrative Processing", or AP. What that means in terms of immigration matters, is that there is something about your case that they don't like, so [...]

Does Income Matter at Embassy Phase? Gross or Adjusted Gross?
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"Once the USCIS and NVC approves the case, and the case is mailed out to the beneficiary's local embassy for interview, should the interviewer still look at adjusted gross income or gross income?" For the fiance visa, absolutely. Because they don't even look at income until the embassy. So for a fiance visa, which is technically [...]

Philippines to USA Tourist Visa Chances Of Approval
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So you are a Filipina with a fiance in the US and you want to visit him on a tourist visa. What are your chances for tourist visa approval? Honestly, they're not good, unfortunately. Issues that face most people in this situation are regards to strong ties. If you are a young, single Filipina with [...]

Fiance & Spousal Visa Approval Rate From Morocco
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Most spousal fiancee visas are approved. The approval rates, although there's a lot of variables, are very high. Vastly more people are approved for these visas than denied, from every country. Having said that, Morocco is not the highest on the highest denial countries. That would be Nigeria and Ghana. But even there, most people [...]

Why is Removal of Conditions Taking So Long in 2018?
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"Why is the removal of conditions taking so long this year?" Everything is taking longer this year in regards to immigration, and it's really because of the Trump administration. Wherever you're at politically, elections matter. Right now we have an administration that is anti-immigration, and they campaigned on that so it shouldn't be any surprise [...]

What’s the Longest Part of the Spousal Visa Process?
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The CR1 visa process is quite a bit different from the K1 visa process, specially when it comes to the National Visa Center. As far as processing times, the longest processing time is with the USCIS. You're looking at easily about five to six months at the USCIS for the removal of conditions. You're looking [...]

Will USCIS or a U.S. Embassy Look at My Social Media?
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"I've read they passed a bill on where they go into your social media after interview, which would prolong the process, and that'll effect a lot of K-1 Visas and my fiance is from the Philippines." The government has always had that authority to investigate pretty much anything. They already do a background check on [...]

Does My Fiancé Need a Round-Trip Ticket? (K1 Visa)
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"My girlfriend lives in Columbia, and she has a fiancee visa. Does she need to buy a ticket one-way or round trip?" We actually receive that question quite often. If they do in fact have the fiancee visa, they'll only need a one-way ticket because they are coming to migrate to the United States and [...]

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